Our People

Jeff Ballsieper, L.G. – Principal Geologist / Director of Environmental Services

Education:  M.B.A., Wake Forest University; M.S. Hydrogeology, North Carolina State University; B.S., Geology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Professional Memberships and Associations:  Groundwater Professionals of NC. 

Registrations: Licensed Professional Geologist in North Carolina #1653

Certifications and Training40-Hour HAZWOPER and annual refreshers

Career Summary:  Mr. Ballsieper is the Director of Environmental Services for Progress. Mr. Ballsieper has worked as an environmental consultant since 1994.  Mr. Ballsieper has performed over 400 Phase I ESAs as part of real estate transactions for commercial and industrial clients in accordance with ASTM standards.  In addition, Mr. Ballsieper has performed hydro-geological assessments, Phase II ESAs/audits, UST release/closure assessments and the characterization/assessment of solid and hazardous wastes for private clients.  Mr. Ballsieper has investigated and prepared environmental assessments to determine the horizontal and vertical extent of contaminated soil and/or groundwater at numerous sites.  Mr. Ballsieper has completed soil and groundwater assessments on a wide range of petroleum products and hazardous materials.  Mr. Ballsieper has used statistical modeling to demonstrate the validity of data collected and to ensure that remedial efforts are accomplishing the assigned remedial targets. 


Joseph S. Lawson III – Director of Ecological Services

Education:  M.B.A., Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC; M.S., Biology, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA; B.A., Biology, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA. 

Certifications and Training:  Collection Protocols for Stream Mitigation and Restoration Projects; Division of Water Quality Stream Classification Method Version 2.0; Wetland Identification and Delineation; 40-Hour HAZWOPER and annual refreshers; Certified Microbial Consultant.

Career Summary:  Mr. Lawson has more than eighteen years of environmental experience. He is currently the Director of Natural Resources for Progress.  Mr. Lawson has extensive experience interacting with regulatory personnel, local resource professionals, interest groups, and private citizens regarding environmental issues.  Mr. Lawson has completed numerous UST assessments and closures, as well as Phase I ESAs per ASTM Standards. Mr. Lawson has experience in aquatic systems assessment and environmental restoration programs for municipal, state, and commercial clients. Mr. Lawson is experienced in watershed assessment and analysis, stream evaluation, restoration design and planning, stormwater monitoring, wetland delineation, wetland mitigation planning, wetland monitoring, Section 401/404 permitting, aquatic bioassessment, and water quality monitoring.